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Prepositions of time in on at

I’ve lately found some interesting infographics that are rather useful combined together with some exercises. Waiting to find some time to experiment the newly-heard-of-method of a flipped classroom, and still dealing with obsolete and untechnological environment, here’s a lesson plan that I’ve put up with the aid of some web resources and photocopies. Here’s a … Continua a leggere

Grammar/Present Perfect/Songs/Videos

Have you ever…….?

[videolog 609707] First things first: ALL THE CREDITS FOR THIS POST GO TO: http://www.luizotaviobarros.com/2010/12/present-perfect-songs.html Have you ever thought of listening to several songs where you could find examples of present perfect? Have you ever heard these songs? I’ve had some fun at watching the videos and I’ve tried to guess the titles of the song. … Continua a leggere